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Oct 1, 2012 1:15am EDT
on the front fear of the world economy. and we need to enleash america's energy entrepreneurs as well. the u.s. can overcome the energy crisis in a few years by merely unleashing the natural gas and oil of technology that tran formed the petroleum industry in the last five years the hornet tal tracking and other things that made it possible the smaller footprint on the surface reach fuel than in the past. it's the green energy sources that consume the most valuable part of the global environment which is the surface of the earth. you have solar cells and wind mills and beau owe fuel and all of these while ignoring the almost energy below the surface of the earth. that can be reached with a small footprint on the earth's. >> george, what is al true rich. how does it fit. >> an orientation toward the need of others. that's an i believe capitalism is intrinsically altruistic. that is to say that capitalism is based on making investments without any assurance that others will respond to them. capitalist investments only work if say that respond imaginatively need of ores. i think capitalism is i
Sep 29, 2012 8:00am EDT
of the revolutionary state in pursuit of nuclear weapons. the problem with pakistan and india being civilian energy as a springboard for getting nuclear weapons. and the third one, specialized problem of small powerful ability as evidenced by what is called electromagnetic pulse. i'll talk about that when we get to it. and the implications for missile defense. and then from then i will move on to conclude. in the case of iran, which i think we can say this every now again in the nose, and i saw just yesterday a story about will israel deliver an october surprise. the fundamental problem here is, is the possibility of a cuban missile crisis in the middle east. and to understand this, we briefly go back to what nikita khrushchev had in mind. khrushchev, in 1961, met in june with president kennedy, the enemy. and he pushed kennedy a round. kennedy himself said later he really beat me up. he decided that kennedy was not up to it, and kennedy said what about the possibility of -- i'm paraphrasing not having a transcript in front of me -- what about the possibility of miscalculation? you have to be caref
Sep 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
: how green jobs damage america's economy. it is about alternative energy and imposing costs on america's economies. costs that opponents are not acknowledging.
Oct 1, 2012 1:00am EDT
also written my book have been in the area of gender. i have written a lot also in energy economics and in taxation. i'm a monthly column nist for this. i edited a bock called overcoming barriers to imeerpship. i wouldn't say it's a radical thing. social security something i've been thinking about it and writing about far long time. thank you for joining us on booktive. >> it's great to be with you. >> coming up from booktv coverage from the annual libertarian contest. economist george talks about new edition of the 1981 best selling book. this is just over thirty minutes. [inaudible conversations] george, you have a new audition of "wealth and poverty" how. has country changed since the original came out. >> it habit changed auto. we have a new carter in office and president obama so most of the themes that of
Sep 29, 2012 9:00pm EDT
day we could change the energy market. one thing i address of the book is israelis are now doing a pilot we tried to use our brain to find other solutions for energy. >> i am and israeli. born and raised their. i served in the armed forces. i am argumentative. [laughter] but this is not the forum for arguments. i am also a guest. we're not supposed to attack all the you tend to be greatly. [laughter] >> we could do that in israel. >> come to my house. not everybody in israel of course, is an agreement with you. smart people. i have a very simple question. israel is a mighty country. the strongest country in the middle east. it has the attache of weapons that they have obtained like the is to do to obtain arms in my days under the british. deal think there is a bit of connection between israel being a nuclear power and other nations in the middle east? >> first of all, you know, when you put to do giuseppe room you have three opinions. [laughter] it is okay to argue. i am with the likud party and a majority of israelis supported us in the last election. >> we will support you aga
Sep 29, 2012 11:45am EDT
of energy around this book, but the last time there was this media energy was then, july 2010 when it went down. >> yes. >> you were going back to the places who interviewed you who were making those accusations, calling you a reverse racist. the speed of which that happened, how does it feel now that you have the whole story? >> it feels good to know that first of all i was able to use that same media in the sense to be able to get the story, the right story out. i can't explain how great it feels to be able to sit here and to hear the actors really, oh, my goodness, i don't know whether you saw me, i was crying. it's really amazing. i didn't ever think -- i made the decision years ago that i didn't want people to forget my father and what he meant to us. i had no idea i would be able to tell the story in this way. it feels great. >> what's so beautifuls about this book is that it's a living history. it's like a love letter to choices reminding us that without the feelings, the facts don't convey enough of what a history has been. >> yes. >> and that is brutal as the history of african-am
Sep 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
on green jobs and alternative energy is imposing costs on america's economy. cause that's come proponents of green jobs are not acknowledging. >> and for the most part you have written a lot about the gender policies in politics and is this a branch out for you to write about green jobs? >> i am have also written -- my books have been in the area of gender but i have written a lot also on energy economics and taxation. i have edited a book called overcoming various entrepreneurship and that was published by roland and littlefield. that was a radical change and something i have been thinking about them writing about for a long for longtime. >> thank you for joining us on booktv. >> it was great to be here. thanks so much for having me on. >> joining us on booktv is donald luskin, "i am john galt" is the name of this book. today's heroic innovators building the world and the villainous parasites destroying it. first of all mr. luskin who is john galt? >> who is john galt? that is the slogan from "atlas shrugged," an amazing book with 55 years ago could have been written yesterday. it perfec
Sep 30, 2012 3:45pm EDT
will evaluate the decision as we continue to explore. we are very lucky. one day we will change the energy market. one thing that was in my book is an electronic [inaudible] israel is now doing a pilot program in which we are building the infrastructure or these cars and we are trying to use our brains to find other solutions for energy. >> i am an israeli print i was born there, i was raised there, and served in the arm and train armed forces. as an israeli, i have an argument about this. but this is not appropriate. i am also a guest. [inaudible] >> we can do that in israel. [laughter] >> come back to my house, and we can do this. [laughter] not everyone in israel is in agreement with you. there are many experienced people, smart people, those that don't hold on to your point of view. i have a very serious question. israel is a mighty country it is the strongest country in the middle east israel has the cachet of modern weapons and for many years, they were obtained by groups like we used to do to obtain arms in my young days under the british men. do you think that there is any bit -- a
Sep 29, 2012 4:30pm EDT
in and in an instant it is change and the senate is the center of governmental energy and creativity. the founding fathers wanted -- he is majority leader for six years. at the end of six years he leaves and the senate is back in the same mess. the nature of political genius is to find a way when no way appears obvious. i don't have any idea what president johnson would do with this congress. hopefully i can research and find out but someone will come along to do it again. >> one of the major events that occurred was the u.s. role in the overthrow -- johnson is on record in the cabinet meetings opposing it. can you elaborate on what particularly drove his stance and what particularly was it on that and why he believed the way he did on that point? one of the things he agreed with robert kennedy on. >> can i take a pass on that one question? it is at the beginning of the book i writing now. the answer is so complicated and i don't have a summation of it on my mind right now. >> can i go back and referred to your book you are talking about now? you alluded when you stated the united states was runni
Sep 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
at the ceiling. she knew mr. kaiser was yon had time and energy to use but -- bair and tables she had the maker once. tell her to lasso the but. i told them not to move furniture. ordinary drama made for a pleasant distraction after the meeting she made her rounds coming across the teacher worried about turning down the fish tank due to drought conditions. there is a living thing in their. [laughter] so the next passage something that should never have to happen. a few months later anabel has rounded up some of her best students to go to the middle school. it was like scores are coming up and they need to show the middle school students they have a reason to come to reagan high. this will also include at the start athlete at the school at the time now at i was stay on a football scholarship. anabel hurried out to the bus where the band had a solid rhythm going. she counted heads. first athlete turned up in sandals. where are your shoes? i don't have any he said. you will wear mine. what size? fourteen. she passed around fliers of the electives we have every sport except swim team. we need us wh
Sep 29, 2012 2:15pm EDT
. smelling -- swelling their roles . soaring gas prices and green energies games. the fast and furious to bought the land cover-up, the president's attack on the catholic, congress, and the constitution, standing by as iranians died. abandoning israel, hauling of the american military, resetting the russian-born, ignoring border security and a ballot to china, ignoring the north tarriance, named a stay in the hairspring, get no, and the trials of terrorists, that partisanship of the chicago. unilateralism of an anti constitutional president, the fumbler and chief and his teleprompter dependents and finally a number of rounds of golf he has played, the argument and followed by the decline in despair rhetoric. it is a pretty good list. it is a pretty good list. [applause] em, what i wanted to do is to equip people with fund backs and no and tell. i'm not going to run through them all, but i'll give you a couple. in january of 2009 the president's council on economic and rises put out a report that the president later referenced and endorsed that said that is guaranteed that if the stimul
Sep 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
. kaiser was young, ms. kaiser had time and energy to spare and apparently tables too. [laughter] anna belle had been like ms. kaiser once, in another life, it seemed. can you tell carmen to lasso those teachers up? i told them, do not move furniture. then she hurried the talk along. ordinary drama made for a pleasant distraction, and after that there was still the matter of the squirrel eating through i.t. cables to address. after the meeting anna belle made her rounds. she came across a teacher agonizing over whether to shut down his fish tank. no be, anna belle told him, there's a living thing in there -- [laughter] so this next passage involves something that shouldn't ever have to happen. it's a few months later, and anna belle has rounded up some of her best students to go to the middle school. it's looking like scores are coming up, and they need to show the middle school kids that maybe they have a reason to come to reagan. this passage, also, is going to include, um, somebody i should identify more fully, georgia square whereas daniels was the, just an incredible kid, a star a
Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, but the title point was great. which was, this was just raw and powerful, words and energy, which included gay sexuality in a very matter-of-fact way. they got all this attention, people were reading it and people could talk about the sexuality in a way that they had them before. >> we are talking up with christopher bram. this is the most recent book. is this your first nonfiction? >> yes, estimate of comedy writers who changed america, the first call comes from randy in salsa, oklahoma. >> how are you all doing? >> i have a question about the doj five group that was established in the 1970s. a group at the federal level and what effect it had on national security are you the fellow that was on turkey mountain? by the way, you can google this, she is the sister of a whistleblower who has been exposed to some of the activities with janet reno and so forth to when you are talking about the doj project, you are talking about the department of justice, right? >> guest: i'm not sure. >> host: peter, we will move on to you. >> caller: we are now enjoying the coolness in charleston, for a change. >>
Sep 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
. they didn't have to worry about national education policy, national energy policy, you know, terrorism policy. you just go down a whole litany of things that the modern congress which incidentally has consisted of the same number of people as the 1959. so you have more people or the same number of people trying to do so much more than they ever did. villagers of any kind just kind of destroy the institution. but i think that's one reason why the idea of returning to the old fashion -- let me say one final thing about watergate. watergate is a tribute to the upside of politically divided government. that is, richard nixon was run out of town because the democrats controlled congress. if the republicans have controlled congress this would not have happened. one of the things you do get with divided government is greater oversight of the president by the congress so that the current house of representatives is spending all of its time besides voting to repeal obamacare, trying to investigate the obama administration, and this is exactly what would be predicted. so what we have been is sep
Sep 30, 2012 10:00pm EDT
, factory floor, and it has to transform education. second two is debt and receive dit and energy and climate. >> host: next call from indiana, is it dewit? >> caller: my question is from mr. friedman. i remember what you're talking about, the economy being the most senseless partnership of the government and the private sector. i wonder where that partnership stands right now? i mean, have we been witnessing the decline of the state in that partnership in recent years? i'm asking this as a recent immigrant to the united states, you know, someone who is really concerned. thank you very much. >> guest: what a wonderful question. i appreciate that. that is really a core argument of our book that what made america great was we had this amazing public-private partnership, and the public basically provided the foundation for our market economy and our great entrepreneurs to really launch into the world. what was that public side? educated people, up and beyond whatever the technology was, have the world's best infrastructure, roads, airport, tell come, bandwidth, the open immigration h
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)